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WACoins allows you to make safe, anonymous and fast payments: while doing this, the currency increases its value by funding projects proposed by communities of technological or social nature, which you can choose by voting.

WACoins is the first coin for communities and for great ideas

To believe in great ideas, in the future, but most of all, to believe in the present: today we are at the brink of a new technological revolution as it has been in the past for the industrial one. Today's ideas are the innovations of tomorrow. WACoins was born with the intention of participating in this epochal phenomenon by affirming itself as an accelerator of ideas, triggering a virtuous circle scenario which cannot be stopped.

How does it work? The idea behing is as simple as ingenius: the more you use the currency, the more it increases its value by funding projects proposed by communities. This way communities have their own interest in keeping WACoins as well as encourage its use inside the community itself. At this point you may ask yourself how are communities chosen: you will be able to vote in a democratic and decentralized manner for communities and so for their projects. You will be able to vote WACoins' roadmap, too. This way, along with a revisited PoW and PoS mechanism, allow us to prevent and struggle with coin's devaluation. Want to know more? Get a look at our Whitepaper.


Thanks to a number of anti-inflation strategies, WACoins is a stable cryptocurrency. The adoption by WACoins of an innovative hybrid system of PoS and PoW mechanisms helps prevent abnormal inflationary phenomena.


WACoins is up to the best quality standards, allowing completely anonymous transactions. Third-parties observers may not know who you are sending funds. We fully respect your privacy.


WACoins guarantees the best possible speed in relation to the hybrid system of solidity adopted. You no longer have to worry about waiting.


Made easy for everyone. Say stop to complicated, user-unfriendly things that make you headache and waste time! We at WACoins believe that technology must first be easy-to-use. We continuously try to simplify the adoption of our cryptocurrency. Industry experts ensure that this will be one the keys to success in 2018. Try yourself!


Ease of use is not enough, a coin should also be universal. For this reason we are working hard to develop an ecosystem that allows you to easily pay, everything, everywhere.

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